Kathleen Sheard

  • Medium : Wildlife Glass
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Artist Statement

“The beauty of art has the ability to draw people in and touch the soul in ways that education becomes seamless and brings many dividends in public awareness. No time should be lost in bringing greater awareness to the harm and even eradication of sea turtles and indeed, all marine life, caused by oil spills, pollution, and trash, almost exclusively brought on by human action. The continuance of all these occurrences, only serve to remind and further highlight how fragile and vulnerable our wild native spaces are. I feel a special need to bring attention to how our actions negatively affect ocean life.” Kathleen Sheard

The Cycle of Life: Sea Turtle Glass Sculpture – Environmental Art Education Project, that

Kathleen and her team have been actively working on since August 2015 in its final stage of completion. There is a blog on her website that will give the viewer a history and updates with photo documentation of the project. www.kathleensheard.com A project/service Facebook site – Cycle of Life: Sea Turtle Glass Sculpture gives additional details.

A multiple year 25.5 sq. ft. commission depicting a coral reef off of Kona – Kailea, Hawaii is ongoing. The commission will have 65 plus marine critters and several types of coral. Kathleen, through the graciousness of this collector, is now a certified PADI open water scuba diver and to date dives once a year, in Kona, to continue research for this commission. It also allows her to dive and snorkel with her beloved sea turtles.

Kathleen Sheard is a member of the Society of Animal Artists, Artists for Conservation, Artists Along the Bitterroot and the Montana Professional Artists Association. She has a passion for wildlife and glass. She participates in shows and teaches throughout the United States, incorporating time in the field to learn more about her different wildlife subjects – particularly volunteering and donating time and art work to help the threatened and endangered turtle and sea turtle species.