About AAB

Mission Statement

It is the mission of AAB to encourage public awareness of artists and fine art artisans living in the Bitterroot Valley by offering a varied art experience to the community and to visitors. AAB provides educational enrichment opportunities through showcase events, lectures and workshops. AAB also works with its membership to pursue excellence and promote creativity.

Our History

Often the genesis of an organization begins with one or two individuals but in Artists Along the Bitterroot’s case it began with two groups of artists. Early in 2008 friends and colleagues, Bobbie McKibbin and Barbara Michelman, began a conversation about selling work directly to the public from their studio. They also wanted to enhance the public’s ability to engage with the visual art world, and to feel more comfortable about visiting studios, galleries or museums. They opened that door by inviting the public into their work place. The result was a Holiday Open Studio Show with three artists that ran for one weekend in November 2008.

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Board Members

Barbara Liss, Director
Norma Lee Pfaff, Co-Director
Linda Stover, Secretary
Jean Driescher, Treasurer
Diane Olhoeft, Member at Large


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