Barbara Liss

  • Medium : Concrete Sculpture
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Artist Statement

Buildings were my landscape growing up in Chicago. I admired the qualities of concrete and brick structures. The feel of mud squishing through my fingers while I made mud pies as a child; I continue to enjoy when mixing mud for my concrete sculpted faces.

As a gardener, I always have Portland cement in the shed for building of rock walls and mortaring brick borders. When I wanted to create art, I turned to the materials I have at hand, Portland cement and sand.

Faces have always appealed to me, immortalized in stone on buildings. Inspiration come from what I see in people and animal expressions and materials found all around us that I often incorporate into the pieces.

The faces are named as they become friends in the sculpting process.

Since 1973 I have lived in Montana surrounded by trees and mountains. My studio is in town, where people are bustling around and trees line the streets. How lucky, to be surrounded by the busy life I was born into and the environment I have chosen.

Faces can comfort and inspire. And in concrete they will endure.


Contact Information

Barbara Liss
Montana Bliss Artworks
101 South 7th
Hamilton, Mt 59840
(406) 351-0073


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