Barbara Liss

  • Medium : Concrete Sculpture
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Artist Statement

Appreciation of Chicago’s great buildings and architectural ornamentation influenced my choice of concrete. Traveling aboard deepened my appreciation of cultures.

Immortalizing my creations in the organic and durable medium of concrete provides texture that I value. Portland cement a product as a gardener I always have at hand, mortaring bricks and rocks was a natural chose to become my medium of concrete sculptures.

My pieces are named as they become friends in the sculpting process. Their expressions conveying a message. Their adornments providing appreciation of a reclaimed memory or treasure, a celebration of what once was.

Series continue to evolve as a means to convey messages on the subject of the series.


Contact Information

Barbara Liss
Montana Bliss Artworks
101 South 7th
Hamilton, Mt 59840
(406) 351-0073


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