Elene Weege

  • Medium : Oil & Pastel
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Artist Statement

Through my art work, I endeavor to bring the outdoor scene to the viewer. I think painting outdoors is food for the soul, and my subject matter is the changing seasons of the landscape. Painting plein air, I have more opportunity to see light and color. I feel more observant and greatly excited. I am driven to paint the feeling of a place, a sun light, or a tree color, to relive the experience. I know that these outdoor experiences transfer to other paintings and I use some of these studies for larger studio paintings as well.

I do not paint in a traditional style, but instead, use a palette knife to “sculpt” the scene onto the canvas. In this way, I feel the texture mimics nature and produces the “feeling” of a place that I want to share with the viewer. My art work takes a critical and intimate look at rivers and streams, and I am first and foremost attracted to close ups of the landscape.

Some of my subjects are beautiful and calm places, like water filled with reflections or a favorite fishing hole. But my goal is to inspire those who see my work, to feel that moment in nature, and observe the beauty of the light, and how it shapes the landscape around us.

People often comment about the texture and the light in my paintings. It is delightful, since that is what I see when I am painting the scene.


Contact Information

Elene Weege
506 Wheatgrass Rd
Stevensville, MT 59870
(406) 207-4660