Heidi Zielinski

  • Medium : Fiber Art
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Artist Statement

I am an artist using cloth and thread to create art quilts that hang on the wall like paintings.  The color and texture of cloth inspires my work initially but the creation of the work is highly influenced by forest, garden and the beauty of the natural world.   My work is mostly non-representational, although I frequently incorporate recognizable elements (i.e. leaves, trees, flowers) that create a bridge for the eye and mind that eases the struggle of interpreting an entirely abstract piece.

Nature has a certain way of using color, line, shape and repetition that I try to reflect in my work.  I hope to capture the feeling of being in nature, and not necessarily the absolute imagery that your mind might have preserved from your experience and interaction with the outdoors.  I seek to bring those images to mind using suggestion, mood, light and shadow as an impressionist painter might.

Using many surface design techniques to enhance the texture and create interest keeps my work fresh and unique.  Incorporating unusual materials such as paint, beads/stones, sheer fabrics, leather, and found objects adds excitement to the process as well as the product.

I’ve created my own fabric imagery using stamping, stenciling, color removal, dyeing, painting, and batik processes.  This makes the work more wholly my creation and an even greater reflection of my respect for the natural world that I attempt to channel through my art.

Contact Information:

Heidi Zielinski
428 Fawn Ln.
Stevensville, 59870
(406) 777-7001


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