Jean Belangie-Nye

  • Medium : Photography & Printmaking
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Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated with the camera and the images that are produced therein. My photographs reflect the world that I see from a close-up of a butterfly on a lilac, to the long haired cat back lit in a window, to a micro flash of a firework.

The challenge, for me, in creating an image is to exclude the clutter that does not add to the image. I do this by tightly framing my shots, being aware of the shadows and light, and minimizing the background. I work in two distinct and different photographic processes ~ classic black and white images created in the darkroom and colorful digital prints that are manipulated on my computer. The camera is my tool of artistic expression. It allows me to catch in 400th of a second my vision of the world.

As a freelance artist, I have been shooting and working with the photographic process since 1965. My teacher, friend and husband was Lee Nye. He insisted his students refer to their photography as art and reminded us constantly that the camera was a tool equivalent to a high quality watercolor brush.


Contact Information

Jean Belangie-Nye
321 O’Connell Drive
Lolo, Montana 59847
(406) 273-0213