John Schneeberger

  • Client : John Schneeberger
  • Medium : Pastels

Artist Statement

I have always been a drawer but had not devoted time to gain proficiency in any particular medium. About 6 years ago I was encouraged to try pastels, a medium I had discounted. It seemed natural for me and my work has improved with practice. I do landscapes from photos of places I have been and find lots of inspiration in the skies and landscapes of the west. I would like to be able to capture the dynamism of what appears to be a typical scene, as I have seen done by more accomplished visual artists. I am still working on that and have come to realize that I need compositional dynamism until my skills improve. There is still so much beauty in this world despite increasingly apparent ecosystem collapse, even here in comparatively pristine Montana. I can only hope my work honors this ailing but majestic corner of our sacred world.

Contact Information

John Schneeberger
120 Deer Haven Dr
Hamilton, MT 59840
(406) 370-3230