Leisa Lewis

  • Medium : Hot Wax and Watercolor


Artist Statement

Watercolor batik is a medium that satisfies and encourages me artistically. It’s full of layers, color, and texture. Delicate rice paper submerged in water and covered with hot wax contradicts what should work, it’s unpredictable and mysterious.

The steady, light and controlled touch I use when applying the hot wax to rice paper immediately connects me to my artwork. While the watercolor on rice paper is somewhat uncontrollable and random. The effects and variables are endless. I love the final stage of melting the wax away and the feeling of surprise. When I uncover a finished piece and see its beauty and depth, I’m completely satisfied.

All of my artwork is original and an expression of who I am. I transform and recycle my thoughts into a painting and during the process keep simplicity and truth in mind. With my own experiences and in today’s culture I feel it’s easy to get wrapped up in tight opinions, my own and others. Consequently my approach to painting is not about painstaking detail, instead, my art is easy to look at, naturally friendly and engaging. It creates wonder in how it’s done and what people see in it.

Contact Information

Leisa Lewis
Hamilton, MT
(406) 210- 7415