Norma Pfaff

  • Medium : Oils
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Artist Statement

Art like music, are both unspoken languages, and I’m passionate about both. Each brushstroke, each musical note, when put together, creates a story. The way I tell the story through my works of art represents the way I view life around me. In this fast-paced world, my hope is to slow things down for a bit, causing the viewer to take pause, if only for a moment and enjoy the visual interpretation I’ve presented in front of them.

Born and raised in Montana on a small farm, I learned to observe nature around me. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors and spent hours exploring and watching animals in the wild.

My first blue ribbon was for a finger painting I did in the first grade. Art has always played a huge role in my life in one form or another so, after retiring in 2006 from 30+ years as a successful tax practitioner, I took up my brushes once again and started on a new journey toward an art career.

My inspiration usually begins as a fleeting moment when I’ve made an emotional connection with my subject. I follow that moment with sketching and studying my subject to best decide how I want to interpret its story. I most always paint from photos or a compilation of photos that I’ve taken. Sometimes I will transfer a drawing to my canvas, other times I sketch right on the canvas with turpentine and burnt sienna. I lay in an underpainting with thin paint focusing on values and temperature, let it set up or dry before I paint the next layer, and continue to layer and glaze to a finish, much like the Old Masters method.
My focus is on the story of the subject, whether it is of an animal, a person or a scene. Each painting I complete is a learning process and I look forward to each one.

Being a self-taught artist, I spent hours experimenting with different mediums and subjects working my way back to oil and my favorite story subjects. My preferred medium is oil, for the richness and depth I get from it and for how it retains its brilliance. In addition, I only sell original works, first to assure the buyer that they will never see the same piece on their best friend’s wall and to preserve the richness of original oil.

My day is not complete if I’m not painting. Each new piece I create leads me to the next. I am so blessed to be an artist and I thank God for my talents. As an artist, the world is a much more interesting place with beauty everywhere.


Contact Information

Norma Lee Pfaff – Oils
125 Farm Land Lane
Corvallis, MT 59828
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