Patty Franklin

  • Medium : Mosaics
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Artist Statement

My mother was a bit confused, when at the age of seven I glued beans, peas and any legumes I could reach, onto a tabletop in a swirling pattern. That was my first, and last, mosaic until I was forty-six. In 2003 I was caring for my father who was dying from cancer. He needed something to do and we both needed a happy, colorful, place to go at the end of the day. We immersed ourselves in the art of mosaics and when he passed, I didn’t stop.

The complexity of mosaics satisfies my need to build structure while the effect of the repetitive work is meditative and soothing. Experience and instinct guide my hands while my designs are born from a joyful heart and a love of bright colors. My work includes fine art mosaics for your home as well as a color burst for your garden. I hope to offer you mosaics that are uplifting and intriguing, sharing what lives in my imagination.


Contact Information

Patty Franklin
PO Box 1409
Hamilton, MT 59840
(406) 363-7456


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