Terri Johanson

  • Medium : Kiln-Formed Art Glass
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Artist Statement

After years of professional administration, policy work and teaching it became clear to me that my heart and soul required me to engage in an activity that created an actual product…and that need found fruition when I became totally engaged and immersed in artistic work with glass—I discovered that an artist lived inside me!

My work in the glass studio is filled with the reflection of light through luminescent sheets of glass. I am alternately calmed and excited as the kiln forming processes of cutting, grinding, firing, and polishing of the glass produces vessels or sculptural works of art…that I enjoy and that others find joy in also.

My love affair with glass and my skills and expertise in working with it, have naturally aligned with my experience and love of teaching. So, in addition to my personal work in the studio, I also enjoy sharing my skills with adults and young people as they begin an exploration of the glass medium and hopefully begin their own artistic adventures.


Contact Information

Terri Johanson
1627 Spartan Lane
Corvallis, 59828
(503) 475-8246