Studio Tour Rules

Rules that govern the Artists Along the Bitterroot Studio Tour and Sale

1. Only members in good standing may participate in the Tour.

a. Payment for the annual tour is due from existing members by February 1; unless prior arrangements have been made with Director/Co-director.

b. Payment for the annual tour is due from new members by March 1. c. The fee will be non-refundable unless the participant has a medical or family emergency. For this fee, tour participants will benefit from local calendar listings, media advertising, posters, flyers and a color brochure with a map, inclusion on the website (featuring all participants), and directional signs.

2. Tour participation is initially determined by being juried into AAB.

a. Jurying guidelines will be reviewed by the membership annually.

b. AAB members who maintain continuous membership will not need to be juried for Tour participation unless a majority of their work to be displayed on the tour is in a medium not previously juried for that member.

c. Members may elect to not participate in a tour(s) and hold their membership place and inclusion on the AAB website by paying a yearly $50 maintenance fee.

d. Artists who work in the same studio space and /or address but produce separate arts and projects must apply as separate individuals for the Tour.

3. Tour applicants must have a studio or work place to exhibit in and may share studio space with another participant.

a. A tour participant may invite other artist(s) to share their studio for the tour.

b. An invited artist must follow all AAB guidelines for an “Invitational Guest Membership” including submission of work to the jury, payment of tour fees, and availability to the public during the entire tour.

c. Guest invitational Membership grants participation to the tour for one year and does not grant voting rights in AAB.

4. Fees and application requirements for the Tour are set by the Board of Directors and are reviewed annually.

5. Co-ops may not apply to the Tour for the entire group or a subgroup: all individuals who will have work on display must apply separately. Non-Tour artists shall not be included.

6. Commercial galleries shall not be members, but may be sponsors.